Zen and the Art of Bread Making

The goal of this journey was to find a way to feel more balanced and calm amongst the chaos of being quarantined with a young family. This new normal includes both living and working all from home and when you’re doing that with two kids, it can get to be bit much! I’m finding that it isn’t always convenient or possible to find a quiet place where I can get away and I’ve recently discovered new ways to be more mindful while I’m tackling my daily to-do list.

Cooking and baking have that ability to transport me into that transitionary state between awake alertness and deep meditation called the ‘alpha state‘. This is the feeling you have after a good workout, a walk in nature, or any other activity that lets your mind completely relax.

Like many others, I’ve made a lot of homemade bread during the past few months. I imagine it’s became so popular lately because it’s such a calming, mindful practice and that’s exactly what we need with all that’s going on in the world. Measuring the flour, gently stirring in the warm water, peeling the stretchy mixture from the side of the bowl, or smelling the warm bread as it’s baking – all of this is very soothing!

Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting still with your eyes closed. Doing something with awareness is being present (similar to walking mindfully). Being in the moment means not thinking about what happened yesterday or what you have to do next. It’s focusing on the present task with your complete undivided attention.

Next time you’re preparing a meal, why not put the phone aside and give it a try? Below are some tips to help you become more mindful as you prepare your next meal:

  • Be aware of your environment. What sounds do you hear? What do you smell?
  • Be aware of yourself. How does your body feel? What is your emotional state? How do your clothes feel against your skin?
  • Pay attention to what you are doing and don’t rush. Notice the grains of salt as you sprinkle it into the boiling water. Focus on the recipe or as you are measuring out the ingredients or cutting vegetables.

I’d love to know if you find cooking to be a relaxing process? Please also feel free to share any recipes you find especially therapeutic below!

One thought on “Zen and the Art of Bread Making

  1. Love your post Christina. Finding that balance within the chaos is so important. I’m still trying to find my zen.

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